Our Plans & Policies


Forest Management Plan

Three Year Wood Production Plan

High Conservation Values and Assessment Management Plan



Aboriginal Heritage Policy 2014 390kb PDF)

Aboriginal Access to Traditional Materials Policy (157kb PDF)

Communication Policy (191kb PDF)

Complaints Policy (155kb PDF)

Customer Service Charter (170kb PDF)

Dispute Resolution Procedure (137kb PDF)

Pesticide Use Policy 2014 (527kb PDF)

Stakeholder Engagement Policy (74kb PDF)

Sustainable Forest Management Policy 2016 (194kb PDF)

Tourism and forestry protocol agreement 2009 (1,447kb PDF)

Work Health and Safety Policy 2014 (154kb PDF)

In addition to making our plans and policies publicly available, Forestry Tasmania also seeks stakeholder input into their development.

Forestry Tasmania is committed to continual improvement and regularly reviews and refines its policies and plans based on feedback we receive from stakeholders both internally and externally. To provide input into our plans and policies please contact us.