Hunting on Permanent Timber Production Zone land (land managed by Forestry Tasmania).


Many Tasmanians enjoy hunting, including on land managed by FT.


The following information is to assist people wanting to hunt on Permanent Timber Production Zone land (PTPZ) – formerly known as State Forest. Maps to assist you with hunting on PTPZ land can be downloaded from this site .

If you want to hunt on PTPZ land, you will need to:


General Regulations Applicable to all Species

There are a number of regulations applicable to all species. The important ones are listed below:

There are a number of areas where the road to PTPZ land is on private property controlled by private landowners – therefore FT do not have legal authority to give public access.

General hunting maps for download

Northeast - Hunting Map Bass (7,946kb PDF)

Northwest - Hunting Map Murchison (4,248kb PDF)

Central - Hunting Map Derwent (Central) (5,558kb PDF)

Central East - Hunting Map Derwent (East) (2,735 kb PDF)

Central West - Hunting Map Derwent (West) (1,920 kb PDF)

Southeast - Hunting Map Huon (728kb PDF)

Big Den (ballot will open again in November 2017)

Big Den’ is a special area set aside for deer hunting and is managed by Forestry Tasmania's North East Region under a Wildlife Management Plan.

Balloted access for the public is available during the deer season. Deer hunters should contact our Perth office  6398 7000

The 2016 Big Den Ballot has closed and will open again next year in November 2017. 166 hunters were registered this season.