There are numerous sites located in forests under the management of Forestry Tasmania that have cultural heritage significance.

Forestry Tasmania recognises the cultural and spiritual significance of heritage sites to Tasmanian Aboriginal people and to the broader Tasmanian community.

Cultural heritage sites are identified through archaeological potential zone maps and by trained assessors. Information on sites of cultural significance on PTPZ land is provided to the DPIPWE to be added to State-wide datasets.

Cultural heritage sites are managed in accordance with the Aboriginal Relics Act 1975, Forest Practices Code 2000 and the Burra Charter 1999.

We manage the cultural heritage sites with management prescriptions specific to each site and procedures to keep the locations of sites confidential when required.

We also consult with the Aboriginal community to improve our cultural heritage management.

Forestry Tasmania has an Aboriginal Heritage Policy 2014 (390kb PDF) an a policy on Aboriginal Access to Traditional Materials Policy (157kb PDF), which were developed with input from relevant groups.

Forestry Tasmania's Aboriginal Heritage Policy commits us to fostering positive and respectful relationships with the Aborignal community and relevant statutory bodies and agencies to inform and guide our forest planning and management activities.