FT receives FSCĀ® Controlled Wood Certification for its plantation estate


Forestry Tasmania has now achieved FSC® Controlled Wood certification for its plantation operations.  Achievement of FSC Controlled Wood certification clearly demonstrates Forestry Tasmania’s commitment and progress towards achieving full FSC Forest Management certification. 

It also allows Forestry Tasmania to sell FSC Controlled Wood to customers who hold FSC Chain of Custody certification – who can then combine it with fully FSC certified products to create an “FSC mix” product e.g. for paper production.

In comparison with Full FSC Forest Management certification which requires assessment against more than 200 detailed economic, environmental and social indicators, FSC Controlled Wood certification provides assurance to customers that the wood covered by the certification is not:

There are strict limits on how Forestry Tasmania can use Controlled Wood certification.  In particular:

Failure to adhere to these requirements would risk loss of certification.

FSC® Controlled Wood in Forest Management Enterprises Certifiicate (1,827kb PDF)