Forest Practices Plans

Forestry operations are regulated by the Forest Practices Authority, an independent Government organisation.

The forest practices system provides for the protection and management of the natural and cultural values of forests.

As part of the forest practices system, Forest Practices Plans (FPP's) are prepared to cover all forestry associated quarry activities, road construction, harvesting, forest establishment and regeneration operations in Tasmania.

FPPs are prepared by highly qualified Forest Practices Officers and other specialist staff employed by Forestry Tasmania.

For more information, see Fact Sheet No. 3 Forest Practices Plans.

Public Access to plans
Copies of Forest Practices Plans are made available after the removal of any commercial-in-confidence information. These are made available at no cost on Forestry Tasmania's website and are also available at our offices for a small charge to recover printing costs.

Forest Practices Plans can be freely downloaded from the Three Year Wood Production Plan  web page in each of the three Forest Regions.