Our planning

To ensure we manage our forests effectively and sustainably, Forestry Tasmania has a robust planning system in place.

Our overarching planning document is our Forest Management Plan which is supported by the High Conservation Values Assessment and Management Plan. 

Forest Management Plan

The Forest Management Plan includes Forestry Tasmania’s Sustainable Forest Management Policy, strategic objectives and a summary of its detailed forest management system.

The Forest Management Plan (FMP) is supported by the High Conservation Values (HCV) Assessment and Management Plan. It includes detailed assessments of high conservation value areas that fall under Forestry Tasmania’s management, and outlines management prescriptions aimed at maintaining and/or enhancing values within those high conservation value areas.

As part of the process of developing the FMP and HCV Assessment and Management Plan, Forestry Tasmania actively sought stakeholder input from all registered stakeholders and the general public. All of the stakeholder input has been carefully considered in refining and finalising the plans.

Forestry Tasmania has also produced two documents summarising the key issues raised in the stakeholder submissions and a brief description of how these issues were taken into account in the final plans that were released.

There are also a number of supporting documents and policies related to the Forest Management Plan and High Conservation Value Assessment and Management Plan that are listed on this page below for readers’ easy access.

Further queries on either of the two plans can be directed to Forestry Tasmania’s Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator by calling 6235 8151, by emailing stakeholder@forestrytas.com.au or by writing to Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, Forestry Tasmania, 79 Melville St, Hobart, Tasmania 7000.



Forest Management Plan (Revised January 2016) (1,871kb PDF)

Draft High Conservation Values Assessment and Management Plan

Revised Draft January 2107 (1,885kb PDF)


Supporting documents:

Permanent Timber Production Zone land map (29,450kb PDF, please allow extra time to download).
Note: Map is large (841mm wide by 1,189mm high).

Aboriginal Access to Traditional Materials Policy (157kb PDF)

Complaints Policy (155kb PDF)

Customer Service Charter (170kb PDF)

Dispute Resolution Procedure (137kb PDF)

Forest Carbon Policy April 2014 (463kb PDF)

Giant Trees Policy October 2013 (155kb PDF)

Good Neighbour Charter (website link)

MBAC Forestry Tasmania's Carbon Sequestration Position December 2007 (476kb PDF)
Note: only the methology for estimating 'Forest Carbon Stocks' is current.

MDC Management Decision Classification Manual 2016 (654kb PDF)

Pesticide Use Policy July 2014 (527kb PDF)

Permanent Forest Estate Policy 2015 (289kb PDF)

Public access to forest practices plans (website link)

Recruitment and Selection Policy (102kb PDF)

Regional Forest Agreement (website link)

Right to Information Policy and Procedures [436kb PDF]

Stakeholder Engagement Policy (74kb PDF)

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy (164 kb PDF)

Statement of Corporate Intent 2014 (133kb PDF)

Sustainable Forest Management Policy November 2014 (165kb PDF)

Tourism and forestry protocol agreement 2009 (1,447kb PDF)

Work Health and Safety Policy July 2014 (154kb PDF)

Wine Industry-Forestry Protocol Agreement 2010 (3,077 kb PDF)


HCV Assessment and Management Plan supporting documents:

Biodiversity data, models and indicators for Forestry Tasmania’s Forest Management Unit (combined reports  (5,528kb PDF)

Forests Protection from Flooding Sandra Roberts Report (107kb PDF)

Comprehensive, Adequate and Representative Reserve System for Forests in Australia -  JANIS (105kb PDF)

Biophysical and Naturalness extract from PLUC Report 1996 (205kb PDF)