Island Specialty Timbers

Special timbers are an integral part of the Tasmanian brand. They are used to produce high-value furniture and craftwood products, and include blackwood, blackheart sassafras, myrtle, silver wattle and celery top pine. With the exception of blackwood and silver wattle, special timbers are mostly derived from mature and old growth forest areas.

Forestry Tasmania continues to provide users of specialty timber products with access  to the resource through the Island Specialty Timbers business. During 2014/15, Island Specialty Timbers sold 3,744 cubic metres of product from its three outlets based atGeeveston, Strahan and Smithton. This included selling 220 cubic metres of high-qualityproducts through an online tendering process, to ensure that the best possible prices were obtained. 

For opening times, Island Specialty Timbers' outlets and tender arrangements, please visit:

Island Specialty Timbers website