Road and Track Closures



North to North Eastern Tasmania

For queries on road/track closures in North to North East Tasmania call FT's North East Region on (03) 6350 6466



North to North Western Tasmania

For queries on road/track closures in North to North West Tasmania call FT's North West Region at Camdale 
on (03) 6433 2666


Southern Tasmania

For queries on road/track closures in Southern Tasmania call FT's Southern Region at Hobart on
6235 8353 OR (03) 6235 8390



Southern Region - planned burning program 2017 road closures

Forestry Tasmania advises that it will be temporarily closing the following forestry roads while burning activities are undertaken on adjacent land. The temporary closures, for a period of less than one day, are for safety reasons.
The affected roads include:

Due to the weather dependent nature of these burning operations, it is impossible to predict the exact date of these closures in advance. The closures will only be temporary and will generally occur in the mid afternoon. Forestry Tasmania recognises that inconvenience this may cause other road users and appreciates their understanding of the situation.

Alternate access options will be available for Arve and Styx Roads. Styx Road may be temporarily closed for an extra period subject to a safety assessment to occur the following morning after the burn and any remedial works to make the area safe.

Further information is available on the Planned Burning Program about why planned burns are conducted and the location of planned burns can be viewed at What's Burning Now?

If weather and site conditions are likely to be suitable for burning on a particular day, planned burns will be specifically identified on the morning (after 9:00 am) on the What's Burning Now? page and map.