Forestry Tasmania Offices

Forestry Tasmania Head Office
Located just north of the GPO in Hobart at 79 Melville Street is the Forestry Tasmania Head Office complex. Forestry Tasmania has been in its Melville Street Offices since 1996.

The past, present and future of Tasmania’s forests and timber heritage was the theme for construction of the new office space restoring, using and recycling parts of the existing Federation style buildings. The result being a unique glass dome with a showcase of living wet and dry eucalypt forests in the entry between the original red brick buildings.

The dome is open to the public during office hours (8.30am – 5.00pm) and a small walkway allows access to view many of our forest species in detail. For a listing of our District Offices click here

Reception and Sales Counter
Located beside the dome is our brochure and sales counter where the public is able to access a variety of brochures about Tasmania's State forests. Publications, maps and seeds are available for sale together with other free useful information on forestry activities, tree species, educational material and silvicultural studies.

This area is also part of the Derwent District Office, where craftwood, firewood and apiary permits may be obtained.

Exhibition Hall
In the 1920s, this section of the building housed a hardware emporium with a glazed barrel roof. The area has been renovated in keeping with the original structure and is heritage listed.

The space is used as a community exhibition area allowing artists, craftsmen, groups and societies to exhibit their pieces to the general public.

Further Information contact:
Ph. (03) 6233 8203

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