Liffey Forest Reserve

“Hi, I'm Shannon, during the summer of 2011 as a bursary student with Forestry Tasmania, I took the challenge to visit Forestry Tamania's 52 visitor sites.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and are inspired to visit some or all of these places for yourself."


Liffey Forest Reserve is located just south of Deloraine in Tasmania’s North West. There is plenty of signage, so getting there is quite simple, the roads are mostly sealed, with only a short stretch of gravel to get down to the car park. Take care however, as the road to the car park is quite narrow and windy in spots.

This forest reserve is in World Heritage Area (WHA) and it is a great spot to get reacquainted with nature.  It was acclaimed as WHA in 1989 due to its rich human history, ancient rocks and amazing landforms, and also unique plants and animals. WHA indicates that the area has global significance for all people. There were people of all ages visiting this great site, indicating that the forest really can be enjoyed by all ages.

There are many things to do in the Liffey Forest Reserve and the walks range in duration so you can choose the ones you would like to do based on the time you have available. Signs located around the car park indicate where the walk starts and how long it will take to complete. Upon my arrival I first set off to the ‘Big Tree’. This is located only about a minute away from the car park, and has flat paths meaning that it is wheelchair accessible.

The ‘Big Tree’ is a browntop stringybark or eucalyptus obliqua if you want to get technical. While it isn’t the tallest tree I have seen at 50m, it had a diameter of 3.39m, the base of the trunk is HUGE! I had difficulty setting up the camera to get a photo next to it, to show you the size in comparison; I guess this just means you will have to go have a look for yourself.

If you have a fair bit of time on your hands, why not take the Liffey River Track. It begins from the same spot as the ‘Big Tree’, and continues past. This is 2.5 hours one way, so it’s a fair walk, but it takes you to the Lake Highway Scenic Lookout. I was running out of time, so I didn’t do this walk, however if you get a chance to do it I would love to hear about it or see some photos. I hope to head back sometime in the future though and do it when I get the chance.

If you head back to the car park, on the other side from where the ‘Big Tree’ walk begins, there is another walking track which takes you down to Liffey Falls. The Liffey Falls Nature Walk is only 45 minutes return and if you only have a short amount of time to spend in this area, I would recommend doing this one. The walk starts through tall eucalypt forest, changing to rainforest as you get closer to Liffey Falls. Along the track are several lookouts, giving you great opportunity for photos of the three cascades, which build up to the beautiful falls.

The walking track is downhill on the way in, and there are stairs in some areas. It can get quite slippery in some spots, however if you take your time and stick to the track it is suitable to most people. Dotted along the track are interpretive signs, which tell you about the history of the area, and the flora and fauna. I found these quite nice and in some the illustrations had been drawn by children (perhaps from a school nearby).

At the end of the track there is a viewing platform which gives you a spectacular view of Liffey Falls. The photo really doesn’t do it justice; I highly recommend going to look for yourself.

Back up at the car park there are toilets, picnic areas, BBQ’s, and also what I think was a water tap (although you should probably make sure there are no signs saying ‘Do Not Drink’ before attempting anything). What better way to finish the day that with a picnic lunch with family and friends.

GPS Coordinates :

LAT :   41°40'48.17"S
LON : 146°49'46.18"E

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